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As promised, I finally have a new episode for you … and it’s another old school edition! In fact, it’s super duper old school because we’re both children of the 70s and 80s, and I don’t think we left one retro stone unturned. I just wrote about New York based artist Tara Lewis a few of weeks ago, and I loved her work so much that I just had to reach out and see if she’d come talk to me. Luckily, she said HELL YES! Listen right up there under that “TROPHY WIFE”, or you can subscribe to the podcast right here.

First up, a whole bunch of Tara’s gorgeous portraits, most of which we talked about specifically … starting with the Lone Ranger:

… and finishing with “PREP SCHOOL”. ps. This is the painting Ashley Longshore bought!

Next, the installation Tara was talking about at her most recent show in New York Lyons Wier Gallery:

Text wallpaper! And, I absolutely LOVE that she included these artifacts from her studio as part of the show. Socks, ping pong paddles, pageant banners and, of course, TROPHIES! Yes, it’s true… Tara loves trophies, and always has apparently she won her school’s Spelling Bee year after year only because she really liked how the trophy looked!. Look at these beauties:

HELL YES, indeed.

Speaking of which…


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A post shared by Tara Lewis (@taralewisstudio) on Sep 9, 2018 at 9:39am PDT

Tara’s art walking down Michelle Smith‘s runway! Definitely a “pinch me” moment.

Ooh, I had to include a few of these Instagram shots of Tara’s models showing up to stand beside themselves on the gallery wall:


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A post shared by Tara Lewis (@taralewisstudio) on Jul 2, 2019 at 7:19am PDT

Um, what? Yes, that is Brooke Shields – posing/blowing the best bubblegum bubbles ever – in Tara’s studio. Here’s the first of at least eight or nine paintings of Brooke that will be in an upcoming show:

So cool… especially for those of us who grew up in the 80’s and most likely had these magazine pages on our bedroom walls:

See, she was a top-notch bubble blower back then, too! Also, how dreamy was Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon? Sigh.

And finally, Tara and I, official “Rainbow Girls” forever:

Hahahahaha! I had to. Seriously, it was physically impossible for me not to put this in the post. Thank you so much to Tara for coming on the podcast, and huge thanks to you for listening … and while I’m saying thank you … great BIG thanks to all of the health care workers out there who are putting themselves in front of this virus every day in order to help other people. Help them do their jobs. Stay home if you feel sick, and wash your hands like someone’s life depends on it.

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