Artist In The Spotlight:…..Caroline Banks

Caroline Banks

Caroline Banks

We are so happy to introduce our new artist, Caroline Banks to you.  We have been admirers of her stunning work for sometime now so over the moon that she is joining us!

Caroline’s aim is to create contemplative yet celebratory pieces, giving the viewer time for quiet reflection in today’s busy and sensorially bombarded world, and, as always, we wanted to know more about her and her work.

Carol: What is the inspiration behind your artwork and how does it relate??

Caroline: I am obsessed by the memory of gesture, the passage of time and what that means. My work is in many ways a diary questioning what matters in life.

Carol: When did you know you were going to be an artist?

Caroline: I’ve always been drawing and making.

Shift by Caroline Banks

Shift by Caroline Banks

Carol: What artists inspire you?

Caroline: Oh, that’s such a hard one: Rembrandt, Maruyama Ōkyo, Monet, Egon Schiele, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Long, Kate MccGwire …I feel like a sponge soaking things up from so many people.

Carol: – How do you start your pieces?

Caroline: Objective drawing is always my starting point. I work from observation – it might not be apparent in the finished work but everything I make begins with drawing.

Energy Dark Ground I by Caroline Banks

Energy Dark Ground I by Caroline Banks

Carol: Can you tell us about your process?

Caroline:  I have intense periods of drawing which form the foundations for all subsequent work. It sometimes takes time for a particular theme to filter through so I can also mess around with techniques; I call it focussed play and make a lot of studies to test things out.

Caroline Banks In Her Studio

Caroline Banks In Her Studio

Carol: How long does it take you to finish a piece?

Caroline: The thinking, reflection and experimentation is what takes time. Actually making a painting is a fast process – the flow of energy demands it. 


Gesture Diptych by Caroline Banks

Gesture Diptych by Caroline Banks

Carol: Do you have a typical question that everyone asks you about your work?  

Caroline: Most recently for the gilded pieces I’ve exhibited: “Is that metal paint?”

Carol: What’s your studio like and where is it?

Caroline: At the moment it’s a fluid situation: I’m having to move out of my current painting space and am looking for another studio. It is in Bow Arts, Wapping. I’m hoping to stay with them at another site in East London. I also have a room at home which is mainly for administration and small scale work. 

Undercurrent by Carollne Banks

Undercurrent by Carollne Banks

Carol: What do you like doing when you are not painting?

Caroline: I visit galleries and museums, cinema and theatre, read and spend time gardening. Several friends rely on my supply of tomato seedlings which are currently hardening off outside!

Carol: What is your perfect weekend?

Caroline: Digitally unplugged, spending time with people I care about and not being tied to a schedule.



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