Art Craft Courses – Artists Can Learn Encaustic Collage Online With Video Art and Craft Classes

“Craft courses” may be too broad term to describe some of the techniques that are used today by fine artists. With high quality instruction like a video on Encaustic Collage, online art and craft courses are quickly becoming the best way for academically trained artists to refine their skills.

Most art school graduates shy away from “craft courses” in favor of “art courses” because they believe the fine arts and crafts to be distinctly separate. However, thanks to the rise of “fine arts craft shows” and high-end craft collectors, the lines between these two fields have been blurred.

The art of mixed media and collage is often glossed over in an art school setting, leaving many classically trained fine artists with limited experience in using non-traditional materials. Encaustic art, which adds the texture of melted beeswax to a painting surface for a heavily textured look, is a medium that is just as likely to be seen in a gallery painting as it is in a craft show. But where do you find art and craft courses on encaustic collage?

Finally, there is a way for all artists and crafters to learn how to use the technique of encaustic collage without going back to school. For example, you could view a video taught by Glenda Bailey entitled “Introduction to Encaustic Art Including a Beginning Project”, she offers an inexpensive and convenient way to learn encaustic collage on canvas by experimenting with a variety of tools, papers and other fun accents. Not only will this video take you through the process of using encaustic, it will also provide inspiration on how to make a collage that can be given as a gift.

This course is offered for only $30, and the video can be viewed up to 12 times over the next 12 months. Other art and craft video courses offered on websites include bead art, digital art, painting, fabric art, polymer clay jewelry and calligraphy, among others. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

Donna Kate is passionate about art and is the owner of CraftEdu Online Art University. She is the author of 3 books and has multiple shot videos and dvds.

CraftEdu is a truly unique online art and fine craft university, dedicated to nurturing the passions of the creative person within each of us by making the creative world more accessible and convenient than ever before.

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